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Welcome to Peanut Poisoning. The only informative site that provides you information about everything you need to know about peanuts and how some people are allergic to it. We are aware that peanuts are delicious food, but we understand that some people can’t eat it.

Peanut Poisoning will show you how a simple peanut can be dangerous. We want to enhance your knowledge so we can avoid further damage it can bring. There are a lot of things that we should know about individuals who can’t eat it and the possible dangers of a peanut intake if you are allergic.

Not everyone is lucky to get a taste of peanuts. For others, a single serving can be fatal. We want to educate the public to ensure their safety and how to work through the allergic reaction brought by peanuts.

We are blog site that emerged after some near death experiences because of peanuts. We want to prevent situations like this, and that’s why we are here. Consider Peanut Poisoning a fact-finding committee that will reveal the truth out that small grain that causes extensive damage.

Be armed with information. Let’s stop the poison through Peanut Poisoning.