Why are so Many People Allergic to a Grain Like the Peanut?

Peanut allergies can be fatal to children even to adults. Most of us are asking why we have a peanut allergy. What causes the allergy? How do we get it? We can’t hide the fact that there are a lot of people allergic to peanuts. Let’s have our minds enlightened on why there are so many people suffering from peanut allergies. Maybe we should start thinking if the way the peanuts are grown has something to do with it.

Let’s start on where peanuts are grown. We are all aware that peanuts are grown from the ground, and they even have soft shells. Growing peanuts require a farmer to use a lot of pesticides. Even the United States Department of Agriculture found eight pesticides in a peanut butter. We all know that it is the easiest way to consume peanut ingredient because we can find it every day and it’s always available on the market. Usually, a pesticide is sprayed on peanut crops every 8-10 days.

Chemicals are not good for our body. When we are exposed to peanuts, we are also vulnerable to the chemicals on it, which is one of the crops that have the most pesticides sprayed on it. Those chemicals will never be good for our health and it the allergies may be our body’s reaction when our body is exposed to these types of chemicals.

The sad part is 80% of the people who have peanut allergies since childhood cannot outgrow the allergic condition. If you have the allergy to peanuts, there should be extra care to avoid any intake since it can be fatal. For those who don’t have the condition, we should also be careful not to inflict problems to those who have. The allergy is very prominent to develop from childhood. For the parents, we should be careful in exposing our children to those hazardous chemicals. It’s always the best choice if we give our kids organic foods.